Smart Desk Sensor

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Smart Desk Sensor

Design & Develop the second generation Smart Desk Sensor which is superior in light effect, user convenience, compactness & design


Standing out and blending in at the same time in all kind of different office interiors and settings. The new Smart Desk Sensor needs to draw just enough attention, so people see in a split second the status of a desk without creating an  annoying light show in the office.

Design wise the product must  be subtle and timeless so it fits most office interiors but on the other hand it must have a refined tech edge which stands for the Mapiq DNA.

Next to its look & feel, ease of installation and maintenance and overall robustness were important requirements for the Smart Desk Sensor redesign project.



We decided first to focus on the required light effect, since this is the heart of the product.

After a light effect analysis we decided to go for a so called ‘framed’ light effect, this way can create a high contrast between the lighted surface and the surrounding housing. Due to this high contrast the visible perception of the light is higher, so we can use a lower light output. By placing the light line a bit deeper in the housing, we also created an extra shadow area around the light line, which enlarges the contrast effect even more. By giving the product well defined surface transitions and clear edges and contour lines, the clean tech look & feel is reached.

To improve ease of installation and maintenance we introduced an additional injection molded bracket. The bracket can either be screwed or taped (VHB) under the desk to provide installation freedom. The Sensor easily slides on the bracket and is secured by 2 snap-fit clickers.

After an extensive housing configuration study and in close collaboration with the injection molder, we decided to make the housing out of 4 main parts, which can be molded in 2 family molds. This makes mold constructions simple and results in nice detail and texture finishes. Internal ribs and position ridges provide the required mechanical strength and robustness. Extra advantage of this configuration is ease of assembly.




The full service expertise of StudioKees together with their hands-on way of working ensures an excellent project progress.
From the first design sketches to discussions with suppliers, from prototyping to final CAD engineering, StudioKees was dedicated to make it work.

"Bouwe de Planque -Project leader & IOT Engineer"


A subtle yet advanced product, with a balanced light effect, communicating its status in a clear but also unobtrusive way.

For more info check www.mapiq.com 

The Process

Design Reference
Design Reference
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Concept C
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Exploded view of final Engineered product
Render of final Design

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