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NO 1

How to translate the Giugiaro Mock-Up to an ECE approved, production ready E-Bike Lighting?


Gazelle/PON asked StudioKees to develop fenders with integrated lighting for the E-bike of the Future. To control investment in tooling it was a strong requirement to use the same optical system for the front and the rear light. The rear light also needed to live up to the ECE standard. Next to that the difuse sidelighting strips needed to be integrated as well. Integrating elektronics in a fender demands watertight, mud resistent and robust solutions. Last but not least, getting power to the lights without any visible wiring, made the challenge complete.


To reach the right optical performance for both front as rear/brake light with the same optic, we tested a huge number of different lens geometries. By refining and tuning we finally found a shape which was the perfect combination for both lights. To nail the diffuse sidelight effect we used the special Light Enhancement film of 3M in combination with a lightguide. The fender is engineered from an aluminium extrusion profile which is bended and CNC machined to get the perfect interface with the light and the bike. Thanks to an integrated cable guiding tube in the fender, the fender becomes very stiff and rigid while the wires are entirely hidden.

StudioKees not only helped us in developing components but has truly become part of the project team from the very first Idea until the final version. Open communication and a friendly atmosphere was very helpful in the cooperation.

"Bart Oor - PD Project Leader Gazelle"


A high-end, fully fender integrated bike lighting with superior looks and performance.

For more info, please check the Gazelle NO. 1 website!


the process

Rear Light distribution test
SideLight Test
Production LED modules
CNC machining of aluminium fender
Odin on the first NO 1
Jaap enjoying a testdrive
production model of the front light
production model of the rear light

Project Skills

Sourcing & Manufacturing
Project Management

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