Non Random 2.0

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NR 2.0

How to seamlessly integrate a LED module in the delicate NR 2.0 wireframe?


The main challenge was to create homogeneous light distribution without visible individual LEDs, in combination with a super thin module geometry. The seamless transition of the wireframe to the LED module made it even more interesting. Of course all parts needed to live up to Moooi’s highest quality standards. For instance, a central injection gate in the diffuser was absolutely a no go.


To master these challenges we needed a combination of some clever Kees tricks. In short: by placing 2 concentric LED rings centrally in the module under the right angles in combination with a special Optical Grade diffuser material from Sabic, we reached the desired light distribution. By a smart click system between diffuser and heatsink, we were able to create a super slim but still robust construction between LED module and wireframe.

"Jaap& Odin created the exact result we projected when we started the NR2 project. We wanted a smooth& elegant LED solution with high quality for this new, sophisticated lighting product. Their creativity& technical knowledge together with their wit and charm convinced us their solution would be the right one.. and it was"

"Bart Schilder - PD Project Leader"


The elegant, bright bubble is dressed in a fine web of white thread that shines and glimmers in the light. Thanks to the integrated LED lamp developed by StudioKees, this new creation of Bertjan Pot subtly diffuses its soft, magic glow around the room.

For more technical specs & purchase info, please check the moooi website!

the process

first LED configuration test
result on first LED configuration - clearly not good enough
CAD analysis of light distribution LED rings
first prototype with concentric central LED rings

project skills


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