About this project


How to design a new range of GridLight fixtures for Retail & Hospitality based on an existing LED Engine?


Design a modular LED-driven gridlight family which has maximum viewing angle freedom to get the light exactly where you want it. Integrate this functionality in a luminair which is as ‘invisible’ as possible and blends with the ceiling.


To minimise the visual ‘noise’ we integrated the functional requirements in a design without showing a single technical detail once the product is installed. A smart clicker solution facilitates easy installation and maintenance. All repetitive parts are made by high pressure Aluminum casting. The housing which changes per variant is made of sheet metal to keep tooling investment low.

StoreFlux is already for many years a successful product range in the portfolio. During the development of StoreFlux StudioKees showed its added value. They were deeply involved in the conceptual and technical development of the range. The high level of interaction between StudioKees and our development team strongly contributed to the success of this project. Jaap and Odin are creative, knowledgeable and skilled Design Engineers. Highly recommended.

"Merijn van de Sandt - Product Marketing Manager"


A range of 10 different luminaires which excel in visual subtlety. The large viewing angles of the individual spots results in great illuminance performance for the Retail & Hospitality context, getting the right light at the right place!



the process

White Model to validate proportions
CAD configuration double rim
Assembly L&B prototypes
Sub assemblies L&B prototypes
Prototype Smart Clicker
Odin assembling prototypes

Project Skills


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