About this project


Design an accessible yet unique pendant E 27 fitting based luminaire


An accessible yet unique pendant luminaire with the strong clean Modular design DNA but with a touch of deco and a E27 socket…that’s a very thin line to walk.

The trick is to go just a little bit further than only a geometric shape, but if you go too far you get lost in the world of decorative clutter. The balance between shapes, materials, colours and detailing has to be just right.

To make the challenge complete we need to implement an E27 bulb into the design. On one hand we don’t want the bulb to influence the design too much but on the other hand we want its light to be optimal, so you want to hide and show it at the same time.







The main gesture came with the idea of a flower, flowers and light are very connected, they interact; flowers open, they close, are turned by light. This strong symbolism was the foundation of the idea, the Tulip was easy selected as our flower of preference, us being Dutch. Analyzing the shape of the flower, making it as abstract as possible but still recognizable, brought us back to only 2 geometric main shapes; cylinders and cones. First we thought of creating a bunch of different shapes but after further research we discovered that 2 stages of the tulip are the most striking ones, we call them Blossom & Bloom, a perfectly balanced couple. The playfulness of Tulip can’t be ignored. If you can resist, place just one in your lighting expression and enjoy the single, architectural beauty. Play with a pair, a relationship begins, showing the reserved opening and the growing desire. Experiment with many, and you have a bouquet of light. It’s a soiree happening on the ceiling and you can’t stop watching.

By placing the E27 bulb deep into the shade it is not disturbing the lines of the luminaire while creating a well shaped down light.




Blossom & Bloom; Tulip is the perfect couple, impossible to miss when walking into a space. The envy of their surroundings, these two complementary, pure shapes represent two beautiful stages of a flower. Blossom, the modest introvert with a soft, contained light. Bloom, the extravert loving the attention on its wider, commanding beam of light. A guaranteed central piece in grand places, this duo of luminaires will inspire stories of love and light for decades to come.

For additional info and purchase details please check the Modular website

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