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Meet Kees


StudioKees is a Dutch Industrial Design Studio founded in 2009 by Odin Visser and Jaap Huijgen.


By combining our expertise in Design and Engineering together with a vast dose of curiosity and persistence we strive to strip away the clutter and reach a level of Advanced Minimalism, both functionally as aesthetically. We believe minimalism needs a certain degree of advanced solutions to prevent boredom and become interesting and relevant. Our main focus is consumer products for daily use, which varies from Bike Lighting to Wine Preserving Carafes and from Wall luminaires to Laundry racks.


A good solution starts with defining the essential questions, so we analyse and ask questions before we start giving answers. We believe the right question should be answered with a simple solution, yet enticing to be heard. Next to that we are pratical guys from the University of Technology Delft; we love to create stuff, experiencing is believing! Next to building prototypes we think testing is key, dare to take it into the real world and you learn so much more than staying behind your desk. Our shared design experience of roughly 20 years gives us the confidence to make mistakes, learn and get better. Next to our own expertises, we have a large netwok of external complementary specialists and suppliers, which enables us to create a full spectrum of solutions.


Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form

"David Lewis"

Uncluttering in practice

kees Skills

(De) briefing

it’s often a bit boring but it’s extremely important to have clear common goal so we take time to get it straight before we start


Inventing takes time and different viewing angles and very important > we go outside, inventions are rarely made behind our desks


we make it clean and effective but still interesting, advanced minimalistic.


we make a lot, you can never make too many protypes


We strip away the clutter, minimal solutions are always the best


DO IT! and as early as possible, it’s confronting, scarry but extremely useful

Sourcing & Manufacturing

we visit and involve our suppliers as early as possible

Project Management

we are most comfortable if we can run the whole project including project management to keep communication clear and effective

Production Support

we stand next to the machines during test runs until we are satisfied


We develop QC together with manufacturers based on the ISO 2859-1 sampling plan